Marche mondiale le 23 avril 2016 – Liste des villes de France


Pourquoi sommes-nous tous concernés par la géo-ingénierie ? et Message de Michael Murphy à tous les amis de la Global March deux courts et importants articles à traduire de l’anglais, merci d’avance à celui ou celle qui pourra le faire pour nous tous (traducteurs automatiques s’abstenir).

Sommaire des villes de France :

Ce qu’il faut savoir


MARCHE MONDIALE ne signifie pas nécessairement un défilé. C’est simplement que ce jour-là, dans le monde entier, les gens qui réalisent la dangerosité ultime et pernicieuse qu’est la géo-ingénierie, en cours et en projet, se mobilisent pour alerter et informer les autres.

Selon le nombre de personnes disposées à se mobiliser quelque part, le style d’action peut/doit s’adapter: à soi tout seul on peut déjà afficher sur sa voiture ou sur sa porte, s’équiper en homme ou femme sandwiche et distribuer des flyers…


A deux c’est mieux, on s’encourage et à plus c’est encore mieux. On peut tenir un stand, multiplier les équipes mobiles, etc …

Pour une action de type défilé, il faut pouvoir compter au moins sur une cinquantaine de personnes … chiche !

Vous êtes organisateur d’une « marche »  ou  êtes simplement disposé à organiser une action dans votre secteur et voulez bien en être le référent ? Contactez-nous en indiquant le lieu, l’horaire et si disponible le lien de l’événement FaceBook via cette adresse:



Choisissez la ville qui vous intéresse dans le sommaire ci-dessus pour connaître les informations (Mise à jour le **/**/2016, revenez régulièrement pour avoir des mises à jour).

Commander vos affiches et autres sur ou sur notre Boutique.

Pourquoi sommes-nous tous concernés par la géo-ingénierie ?

et Message de Michael Murphy, auteur de « WHAT … » et « WHY in the world are they spraying ? », 

en anglais, merci d’avance à celui ou celle qui voudra bien traduire ces articles pour nous tous (traducteurs automatiques s’abstenir).

Climate Engineering is defined officially as “The deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. »
We are against the illegal spraying and or dumping of harmful substances in the atmosphere or our oceans by any method of dispersal or injection, including but not limited to modified airplanes and ships, balloons, ground based chemical canons, rockets, EMF microwaves and all other types of technology that can change or alter the natural formations of our earths climatic weather systems. These technologies are often referred to as Climate Engineering, Aerosol Geoengineering, SRM Geoengineering (Solar Radiation Management Geoengineering), SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection Climate Engineering), HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and many other terms are often used.

The damage is done and the research is now conclusive. Our earth’s biological diversity, including man, is being lost at a rate that impoverishes our quality of life and threatens our future at very alarming rate that can no longer be ignored. Sadly these climate engineering programs have already been going on for decades in secret without our knowledge or consent. Right now, after over 65+ years of secret geoengineering, our global environment is on a dead end collision from these toxic aerosol climate engineering particulates saturating our waters, land, and air.The contents of these spraying formulas vary everywhere, however the most common elements present,and in the largest concentrations are always Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, among many other known nefarious contents are in the spraying mixtures.Geoengineering changes our climate’s temperature, disrupts our natural weather events and causes a series of other events which mimic the consequences of climate change. Therefore we feel strongly that geoengineering must be stopped before proceeding with any climate talks, treaties and climate change legislation and mandates.

Geoengineering is now a global problem and it requires a global solution with real teamwork commitment and determination. This why we have all come together under the name of the Global March Against We are a ethical peaceful public educational movement against the worlds largest ecological disaster known to man as Climate Engineering, Aerosol Geoengineering, SRM Geoengineering (Solar Radiation Management Geoengineering), SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection Climate Engineering), Chemtrails, and HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and many other terms are often used. These are all different terms for the same climate engineering technology.« Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. » Countless numbers of highly respected doctors and researchers world wide are now warning the public and their patients about the short and long term health risks from excessive exposure to these toxic aerosol spraying formula’s.

Experts say we are at about 8% percent of the public now being aware of the climate engineering aerosol spraying. As a global community we need to achieve at least 10% percent of the public awareness before we can achieve critical mass and knowledge. Only then can we ever hope to begin to stop and ban the aerosol spraying.that is why we need your help. On April 23 2016 no matter what part of the world you live in, you could be the solution to this ecological crime against man and the planet. Take action and get involved join the global march against chemtrails and geoengineering today and help spread the awareness around the world by starting or supporting peaceful public educational events and demonstrations.

These educational events and marchs will be held simultaneously in many countries all around the world by many committed individuals and groups just like your self. Some groups are hosting free showings of the multi award winning Chemtrail Geoengineering documentary « Why In The World Are They Spraying?« , at their local library hall, or community hall’. Other Global March event locations are hosting public protests and marches, installing public bill boards in their community, information tables at key locations and handing out flyers or dvds for free anyplace, coffee house presentations, or just sharing a related web sites to a friend. How you can help educate the world is endless and every voice is needed.You can become a part of the global voice, You can be part of the solution to this ecological crime against humanity and the planet. Whatever your talent or skill is, all voices are needed to help stop this Global Ecocide. Truth and education is the always answer.Will you be a part of History? Will you be the voice of‪‎Love that’s saves the lives of your own children and family? Join Us..Together We Will Ban Climate Engineering And All Forms Of Aerosol Geoengineering.

Your Global Community.


Fellow Activists, Thank you for your support of the Global March Against Geoengineering (❌ le lein n’est plus valide). This is not only a great opportunity to educate our communities about ongoing chemtrail geoengineering programs but also a great opportunity to show our unity in taking the next steps in getting these damaging programs stopped. As many of you are aware, there is a global climate treaty scheduled to take place this December in France. It is likely that if passed, geoengineering will be legalized around the world.

Geoengineering changes our climates temperature, disrupts our natural weather events and causes a series of other events that mimic the consequences of global warming/climate change, therefor we feel strongly that geoengineering must be stopped for a period of five years in order to proceed with any climate talks, treaties and climate change legislation and mandates.

Climate change treaties and legislation will, if passed, lead to global governance, the disintegration of nations (including the sovereignty of Native American Nations), transfer potentially trillions of dollars of wealth into the hands of a few at the expense of many and allow an unelected body (IPCC) to intervene and micro manage our lives. This legislation/treaty, which is a violation of The U.S. Constitution, If passed, will most likely lead to the legalization of geoengineering which in turn will prevent lawsuits, establish global governance start a public propaganda campaigns to influence the public’s support, create open funding for such programs and therefore make it exponentially more difficult to stop. Also, because geoengineering is being sold as the quickest and most cost effective step in addressing the issue of climate change, it is almost certain that climate treaties will include the legalization of these very damaging programs. Again, it is essential that we address the legislative attempts based on co2/global warming which will most likely lead to the legalization of these damaging programs.

Because geoengineering has, to date, not been included in climate models and therefore makes it impossible to determine if the planet is warming, it is imperative that we demand that the ongoing global geoengineering programs be stopped for a period of five years before any more climate change talks, legislation and mandates are enacted. Also, because California has moved forward with several climate laws sourcing co2 as the cause of the changes in our climate, it is also important that we demand that all current mandates are immediately rescinded. Again, because geoengineering is a major factor in climate change and is missing in all climate models, it therefore makes all climate models flawed, inaccurate and also fraudulent.

I strongly believe that our strategy to get these programs stopped must include blocking the legislative measures/climate treaties and moving forward with a class action lawsuit. We will be collaborating with the Global March on how to move forward in state and local municipalities and will keep you up to date with our progress. Thank you again for being an essential part of the equation in educating your communities and taking action to get all forms of geoengineering stopped. For more info about the class action lawsuit, go

Thanks again and as always, Keep looking up!

Sincerely, Michael J. Murphy.

8 réflexions sur “Marche mondiale le 23 avril 2016 – Liste des villes de France

  1. Ils semblerait que les israéliens ne soient pas totalement étrangers à ce phénomène, voir le crash de Bijlmer du 4 octobre 1992 en Hollande.

  2. A quant une action sur bordeaux ?
    OGM tout juste en 2015 ^-^ un peut tard ! ?
    Faut de l’organisation pour futurs marche mondiale 2017 un maximum de villes
    autrement c’est comme l’ogm , les gens et surtout la nouvelle génération vont s’habitué

  3. Bonjour,
    Nous prévoyons une action à Dijon (21) samedi à 14 h place Darcy
    Merci de nous contacter par mail.

  4. Nous sommes nombreux sur goggles+
    A en Parler.
    Pouvez vous confirmer la date les noms des villes..merci et je fais suivre…

  5. Nous souhaitons mes amis et moi que s’arrête ces pulvérisations dans notre ciel qui pourrissent la nature, détruisent tout.
    Grand danger pour notre monde, notre vie, la flore, les animaux, et tous ce qui vit. Il faut arrêter cela car la planète est en grand danger, je souhaite de tout cœur que mon commentaire puisse aboutir à sauver ce qui peut encore l’être. Je terminerai avec ceci : réveillez-vous !

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