Pluralité d’acteurs, de technologies et de projets d’épandage

de substances toxiques dans l’atmosphère.

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Jerry E. Smith :

Chemtrails, it seems, are not a “one-size-fits-all” phenomena. There is not just one program running or just one purpose to this alleged spraying. I have found that there are many players, many technologies for many purposes, injecting an amazing variety of aerosols into our environment.


This question of whether advanced technology is being intentionally used to alter the climate is also seen in the contrail vs. chemtrail debate, which we will address in depth. If you have spent much time looking up lately you may have noticed that something about the sky seems to have changed. You may be old enough to remember when the condensation trails (contrails) from jet aircraft used to be thin streaks behind the planes, blazing like comets, disappearing in seconds. Now they persist for hours. The brilliant blue sky of the morning becomes a milky white opalescence in late afternoon as the contrails merge together, creating a layer of artificial cirrus clouds. What’s going on? Are we being sprayed? Is there some chemical in these persistent contrails making them chemtrails? Who could be doing this, and why?

If you try to answer any of the questions connected to chemtrails via the Internet you will find many sites devoted to this subject, both pro and con. Some will tell you there is no spraying, that these strangely persistent contrails are in fact perfectly natural. Others will detail bizarre things found in the air. Chemicals and metals like aluminum and barium salts, and stranger things like E-coli bacteria and genetically modified human blood, are but a few of the bizarre things claimed to have been spewed out after commercial aircraft or mysterious unmarked tankers have unloaded their covert payloads over the heads of frightened or angry witnesses.

Particulate matter in the air is called an aerosol. If you search the scientific media for information on aerosols you will discover that there are literally scores of organizations (military, academic, commercial, environmental and governmental) involved in studying, monitoring, tracking and placing aerosols in the atmosphere. A number of technologies using aerosols for a variety of purposes have been patented, and many more are under development. Chemtrails, it seems, are not a “one-size-fits-all” phenomena. There is not just one program running or just one purpose to this alleged spraying. I have found that there are many players, many technologies for many purposes, injecting an amazing variety of aerosols into our environment.

In the chemtrails section of this book I will try to lay out for you what is real and what is probably lies and hysteria. Like in the UFO field, military intelligence may well have injected wild and crazy stories into the chemtrail debate to hide covert operations. Unfortunately too, the scientifically challenged have added a tone of very literal Chicken Little hysteria to all this. It is probable that not all contrails are chemtrails, and possible that not all chemtrails are intentionally evil — but all are an environmental hazard that will have to be addressed. Aerosols are a very real problem, somewhat acknowledged in the scientific press and totally ignored by the popular media.

After the week of no commercial flights over the United States in the wake of the horrific events of 11 September 2001 atmospheric scientists were able to take new measurements of an unmodified sky. They found that these “clouds” produced by persistent contrails — chemtrails if you will — did in fact reflect back into space solar energy during daylight hours and trap in heat at night, adding about .5 degrees Fahrenheit to the average temperature of North America.

In the contrail/chemtrail debate we see a bridge between the topics of hostile (military) use of environmental modification (EnMod) and the unintentional. It is now a fact recognized by the scientific community that the banks of artificial cirrus clouds left behind by the thousands of aircraft that ply our skies daily are taking a toll on the environment. Officially this comes under the heading of “inadvertent environmental modification” and is a part of the Global Warming debate. To date the most commonly talked about aspect of “inadvertent” environmental modification has been the destruction of the rainforest. But in just the last few years contrails and the “global dimming” they seem to be causing is being pushed to center stage in scientific circles. But what if contrails are actually chemtrails? What if these strangely persistent contrails are actually the product of some nefarious covert spraying operation(s)? We will look at several possible answers including the possibilities of misguided civilian programs as well as military operations.

The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature
by Jerry E. Smith

« Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can
alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely
through the use of electromagnetic waves. »

— United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April, 1997

Secretary Cohen made this statement at a conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and U.S. Strategy in his official capacity as the US Secretary of Defense; thus this can be taken as an official position of the United States. Further he used the word « are, » not « could, » « might » or « maybe sometime in the future. » He further added: « It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts. » If the United States Secretary of Defense says that the earth and the sky have been turned into weapons, and are being used as such in present time, I believe we should take this statement very seriously.

WEATHER WARFARE: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature is not « conspiracy theory. » This book has almost no theory and very little speculation. All the conclusions reached are the logical ones based on the presented facts. This is not « tabloid journalism. » This is straight scientific reporting at a layman’s level. I present solid evidence from military and scientific sources that intentional environmental modification (EnMod) is the 600-pound gorilla at the global warming debate that everyone is pretending isn’t there.

In my 1998 book HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy I used HAARP (the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) as a springboard to talk about globalist agendas such as the New World Order and Agenda 21. While there are passing references to Globalism in WEATHER WARFARE I keep such speculation to a minimum. That book was about the « who » and « why » behind the HAARP program, where this book documents the reality of intentional EnMod, and the threat to health and security it poses.

The heart of WEATHER WARFARE: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature is proof that EnMod, which most people believe to be science fiction, is actually science fact and that we have neither the political nor legal infrastructure in place to deal with this technology. Addressed at length is the dismal failure of the 1978 United Nations EnMod Convention, which prohibits the use of environmental modification as a weapon of war. The unaddressed issue of ongoing intentional EnMod by various militaries, terrorists and civilians is a key factor skewing the evidence in the global warming/climate change debate and as such is of gravest importance. The politics of the 21st century, and possibly our survival as a species, will turn on how this debate plays out.

Despite the title, it is not just « The Military. » A book’s title is not precisely its contents, but rather a cry from the bookshelf to get a potential reader’s attention. This book is about a great deal more than just the weather or the military. It is about the whole environment: earth, air and sea; it is about a lot of players: academic, commercial and military; with a lot of objectives: financial, militaristic and political.

There is substantial difference between climate and weather. Robert A.Heinlein wrote « climate is what you expect, weather is what you get. » Mainstream science recognizes that man does have the ability to alter the weather on a limited scale intentionally, and to alter the climate on a vast scale unintentionally. I present solid evidence that what can be done intentionally is far greater than what the mainstream is willing to or able to admit.

WEATHER WARFARE: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature covers the history of « weather control » from the Rain Makers of the 1890s through the development of cloud seeding in the middle of the twentieth century, to today’s « off the shelf » technologies of precipitation enhancement, hail suppression and fog dispersal. I cover the many programs to manipulate hurricanes, such as Project Cirrus and Project Stormfury, and what evidence there is of being able to control hurricanes in the 21st Century.

It also covers Defense Secretary Cohen’s claim that « Others … can … set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. » Starting with Nicola Tesla’s earthquake machine of the 1890s I trace the possibility of « earthquakes on demand » from the development of a « tsunami bomb » during World War II (as revealed by documents recently declassified by the New Zealand government), through Project Faultless which caused a massive earthquake in the Nevada desert after a high yield atom bomb was intentionally detonated on a fault line, to evidences of human initiation of several major quakes and the 2004 Christmas tsunami with « scalar » or other electromagnetic waves.

Also included is an update on recent developments at HAARP. I analyze what they are willing to admit to having done with it and where the program may go in the future. The US Air Force insists that it has no interest in « controlling the weather » yet HAARP represents the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars and a decade of research and construction in a program whose avowed purpose is to modify the atmosphere. What, if any, is the difference between « modifying the atmosphere » and « controlling the weather »?

WEATHER WARFARE also examines claims that chemicals are being deliberately injected into our atmosphere by high-flying planes that are criss-crossing our skies with « chemtrails. » First I examine the environmental issues associated with jet aircraft condensation trails (contrails), which are indeed grave. Then I reveal that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and numerous other national and international panels of scientists have extensively, and expensively, studied ways to mitigate global warming through schemes called « geo-engineering. »

Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb and Associate Director of LLNL, actually advocated putting up a « sunscreen » to save the Earth. He proposed injecting aluminum and barium dust particles high into the atmosphere to increase the amount of solar energy being reflected out into space as a way to offset the heating by greenhouse gases.

Many scientific boards and committees have looked into this proposal and found it technologically feasible, but recognized that the legal and environmental hurdles would be too high to overcome to implement such a project–if done openly, so some proposed doing it covertly! Are they?

Packed with hundreds of quotes, the environmental mayhem documented in this 402-page book is founded on a solid base of mainstream scientific, military and media sources. If you are researching this topic you may well find the 31-page bibliography to be worth the price of the book alone! Also included are three appendices which include the full text of the EnMod Convention and more than 150 EnMod patents granted by the United States Patent Office.

Jerry E. Smith is the modern day version of the common human’s alarm system. His books stand alone as some of the most significant cutting edge information on what is, « really going on » in our world today. We could all stand to sit back and take the time to read and learn from the pages of what he has written and open our eyes to how insignificant we just may be to those we trust and empower to protect us. Jerry E. Smith has taken the time to go over countless details in every one of his books and to thoroughly research every single account he presents. Making his works some of the most credible, verifiable and well documented anywhere. I personally stand behind, recommend and endorse each and every one.

~ Dr. Ed Craft
Host/ Executive Producer
Magick Mind Paranormal Talk Radio


The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature
by Jerry E. Smith

Published by Adventures Unlimited Press. $18.95
Paperback: 402 pages, 6×9 trade paperback, Appendix, Bibliography, Illustrated.
ISBN: 1931882606


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