10 réflexions sur “Dialogue de sourds

  1. This is really interesting.This image is so amazing.
    We are so proud of having that kind of posts and articles.Thank you for sharing it!!
    By the way dialogue is one of the ways of exchanging ideas and improving our minds too!!!

  2. so i like this topic very much really is very interesting and very nice. i like it so much because i learn so interesting ideas in this … Dialogue is very important way to be good .

  3. we as reader we need to know like this topics. because of what. for me dialouge is a very interesting in our daily life . in other words we need to talk with each other in order to understand each other with know fight and no harm.

  4. Dialogue is a very interesting idea . really we need to talk about like that this is very interesting to me as well as this is so good. dialogue can have a great impact on solving so many problems in a good way.

  5. interesting .its one of the important articles that should be read for the richness of our knowledge.

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